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 The absolute best part of my bedroom is the large, dominant window

that sits squarely on the wall facing the west. Nestled up to this window sits

the  aged-oak desk my grandmother gifted to me. What is so incredible about this window is not the frame itself, but what sits outside of it;

the Three Sister hills in Williams, California with their soft, green plains

gently rolling over the landscape above grazing pasture.

To the south, you can see our barn and horses scattered amongst the pasture.

Then even further, past the view of my beloved window, sprawls lush permanent pasture, surrounded by acres and acres of almond orchards.

     This window and landscape were often my muse for writing.

Sitting at my desk, I found myself in awe of the world around me

and used it to guide my writing all throughout my childhood.

I was inspired by the beauty and functionality of farmland

that surrounded our home. From that point on, I knew

I was passionate about honoring the wide variety of agricultural lifestyles.

Now as a young adult, I find myself still as intrigued and amazed

by the agriculture industry. My goal is to represent

this industry and the publishers I write for in

a descriptive, illustrative manner with my work.

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